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Searching for people in Australia

Searching for people or relatives in Australia

The Australian Embassy in Zagreb receives many enquiries from residents of the Republic of Croatia who wish to trace family members, friends and relatives in Australia. Unfortunately, we cannot assist you with your search other than by providing the following information.

The success of your search may be increased if you contact any family or friends who may have knowledge of the person being sought. The more up to date the information, the greater the chance of success.


People can conduct searches via social media pages on the internet or search the page to find contact details.

Please note, if the person you are trying to locate is not a telephone subscriber in Australia, they may not be listed.


a) Enquiries about close relatives  may be directed to:

Croatian Red Cross

Whereabouts Enquiries Department

Ulica Crvenog kriza 14-16

10 000 Zagreb

Tel:  +385 (0)1 46 55 814


b) Newspaper Advertisements

You may wish to place an advertisement in one of the national or, if the district is known, State newspapers.     

A list of Australian newspapers with internet sites is available on

Classified advertisements for a number of Australian papers can be accessed on the internet on


c) Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages

There is no central office covering the whole of Australia; each State has its own Registrar. Please look at the web site of the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the State the person was living in. The list of the Registries can be found on:


d) Private Investigators and Investigation Agencies for Hire

You may also consider to hire a private investigation agency to assist you in your search. There are numerous investigations agencies in Australia and you can search for them on the internet. The following link has a random list of Agencies available in Australia:


e) Australian Croatian Community

You may search the internet for Australian Croatian Community Centres, clubs or social/sporting clubs in the city or State that you are searching for someone in. Someone in the community may know the person and would be willing to pass on a message to that you are looking for them. Also you may consider contacting the Croatian Catholic Centres: