Australian Embassy
Republic of Croatia
Croatia, Kosovo

Marriage in Croatia


An Australian citizen who wishes to marry in Croatia may need to submit to the local Registrar's Office a Certificate of No Impediment issued by the Embassy in Zagreb and/or a Single Status Certificate issued by a Registrar Office in Australia.

To apply for a certificate of No Impediment at the Embassy in Zagreb, the bride and the bridegroom must complete the application form. The form contains a declaration stating to the effect that there is no legal impediment to the proposed marriage.

If the application is lodged in person at the Australian Embassy in Zagreb, the signature(s) of the Australian partner(s) to the proposed marriage will be witnessed by a Consular Officer at the Embassy.  If the application is lodged by mail, the signature(s) of the Australian partner(s) to the proposed marriage must be witnessed by a local Notary Public. When sending the application in by mail, certified photocopies (by the Notary Public) of the original supporting documents must be sent with the application form.  On the basis of this declaration, the Embassy will issue a Certificate of No Impediment, in English.

To make an appoinment please call us on +385 (0)1 4891 200. You can also contact us on [email protected]


Please click here to download the Application for Certificate of No Impediment (PDF)

The following documents have to be submitted with the application:

  • Passport(s) of the Australian citizen(s) - if lodged in person (certified copy of passport/s if lodged by mail)
  • Passport of the non-Australian citizen - if lodged in person (certified copy of passport/s if lodged by mail)
  • Copy of Divorce Certificate (if applicable)
  • Copy of former partner’s Death Certificate (if applicable)
  • If under 18 years of age, copy of the judicial authorisation to marry issued by an Australian court of law

-  Please contact the Embassy for the cost of the the issue of a Certificate of No Impediment (payable in euro)


If lodging at the Embassy, the fee is payable by bank card in Euros.  If lodging by mail, please call the Embassy to discuss the GliderPay application payment.

Single Status Certificate

Each state and territory in Australia has a registry of births, deaths and marriages. You can apply to the registry for official copies of certificates via their websites. 

To find BDM websites with addresses and contact information, you can easily search on the internet for example: NSW BDM or Vic BDM.

Please note:

Please note that all Australian documents presented to Croatian authorities for official purposes need to be legalised with an Apostille or an authentication. The Australian Embassy in Zagreb in certain circumstances may be able to legalise the document, otherwise the Certificates of No Impediment issued by the Embassy will need to be authenticated by the Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. For further information please contact the Embassy.   

Further enquries:

If you have further questions, please send an email to: [email protected] or call +385 (0)1 4891200